Enzo Scianna & Valeria Mazzarol

Mosaic Workshop

Mosaic Courses

For all those who wish to learn the fine art of mosaics and create their own personal works of art.

For reasons of relocation, the courses are temporarily suspended

The E.V. Scianna Mosaic Laboratory organizes mosaic courses for beginners on the different applications of mosaic art: from making objects to murals, from a small picture to a wall panel.

The master mosaicists, Enzo Scianna and Valeria Mazzarol, will personally guide every student, using their experience of over ten years.

Beginner's Course

This course is for those who wish to start creating mosaic works and consists in producing a small antique reproduction in order to understand the mosaic process from the beginning of the work to the end.

During the week's work the students will gain knowledge in the various techniques of execution.

The works of art created will remain the property of the student.

The courses take place all through the year, by prior agreement.

The above courses are intensive and last a week

They can be extended by prior agreement with the Artist

For further information please contact us at our e-mail address: evscianna@racine.ra.it

Phone. +39 338 2402634 - E-mail: evscianna@racine.ra.it
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