Enzo Scianna

Artist - Mosaicist - Painter

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He was born in the province of Palermo, where he had the opportunity to meet and attend the study center and the initiatives directed by sociologist Danilo Dolci, he starts very young the artistic career and after an experience at the Art Institute of Palermo, in 1963 he leaves for Rome where He has the opportunity to know others young artists and, at the same time, Carlo Levi and Cesare Zavattini.

In Milan he meets Ernesto Treccani, person wherewith he establishes a relationship based on a deep friendship and cooperation of work.

In the ‘60s he goes to various European countries.

In 1966 he arrives in Florence, year when the city was hit hard by the flood, unfortunately. His spirit of solidarity takes him to take part in the rescue effort as a volunteer with the public assistance of Campi Bisenzio.

In the winter of 1969, returns to his hometown and he joins at the big torchlight in the Belice Valley.

In 1970, he organizes the first art exhibition in collaboration with the cultural center of Partinico.

In 1971, he moves to Ravenna for deep the mosaic study and he lays there after a troubled period between painting and mosaic. At the end the choice is over the latter and, between the ‘74s and the ‘75s, he opens a laboratory, starting the true profession of mosaicist, that practice still on through most of the wide range of expressions that it entails.

He was one of the promoters of the committee for the development of mosaic and also of the Consortium Promo and has participated at numerous local, national and international events.

In '74 personal exhibition at the gallery "La Loggetta di Ravenna".

In '75 he participates in the national art exhibition in Florence and San Giorgio di Livenza. In '76 the first real international biennial of contemporary mosaic in Ravenna where he got a runaway success.

In '82 he has the opportunity to create a large mural at the seminar of Rimini.

In ‘89 participates in the exhibition "ProfessioneArte" in the cloisters Franciscans.

In '90 in Rome, Enzo Scianna takes part in the national exhibition "The Seduction of Craft". Also in '90 without losing the spirit of solidarity with the collaboration of E. Treccani and CNA makes a mosaic "Spring 90" auctioned on Rai 2 in favor of the Valtellina.

In '91 he makes the first mosaic panel for the CNA.

In '92 he collaborates in the great mosaic of Madaga for Seville Expo.

In '94 with Promo participates in the exhibition of historical and cultural Otaru Japan.

In '94 creates an external work to the "Byzantine Catholic Church" in New Jersey.

In '95 he has another opportunity to create a large mosaic panel to the former "War College" of Civitavecchia.

In '98 he partecipates in France in the "Paray Le Monial".

In '99, in Budapest, he participates in the exhibition touring the historic city of Ravenna, with personal panel.

In 2001, with E. Treccani, he realizes the four large mosaics for the new provincial headquarters of the CNA in Ravenna.

Also in 2001, he organizes a cultural exhibition along with CNA and the master Treccani.

In 2004 he collaborates on the exhibition organized by CNA on Salvatore Provino in Cervia's Salt Warehouses, presenting a mosaic work on the design of the author.

In 2007 he startes the mosaic panels for the St. Denis Catholic Church in Hanover New Hampshire U.S.A.

In 2008 he goes to the U.S.A. for the inauguration of these works, overseeing at a series of video conferences on mosaic art, showing didattic videos created into his laboratory.

Since '99 he was professor at the European Centre for the mosaic of Venice, Isola S. Servolo for the preservation of the Arts and Crafts.

His works aren’t only in Italy, but they are abroad, especially in North of America.

In these years the press, specialized magazines and the television interest in him.

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Enzo Scianna
Enzo Scianna at work
The painter Ernesto Treccani
with Enzo Scianna
Year 2001 - Enzo Scianna at the cultural exhibition of the master Treccani organized with CNA
Year 2008 - Enzo Scianna in U.S.A.
Phone. +39 338 2402634 - E-mail: evscianna@racine.ra.it
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